The best-selling E model of all time is:

The fourth-gen 3 Series came around the turn of the century. The company first debuted the E46 with the sedan, followed by the Coupé, Convertible, Touring, Compact, and M3. BMW decided it was time to mix up the styling and gave each of the models its own design language without making them looking different vehicles altogether, that is. Apart from the aesthetics, the fourth-gen E46 3 Series also came with some interesting features that were not common those days, like rain-sensing wipers, LED lights, sat-nav, and so on.

Powered by the M52, M54, or S54 engines based on the model, the BMW 3 Series churned out between 105- and 360 horsepower. After skipping AWD in the third-gen, BMW introduced it yet again here. A six-speed SMG-II sequential manual gearbox was also offered alongside the six-speed manual.

If we go purely by sales numbers, then the E46 BMW 3 Series is the most successful BMW model of all time, with the company selling over 3.2 million copies (3,266,885 examples, to be precise) in its decade-long run. That, combined with graceful looks and smooth, powerful performance engines, put the E46 BMW 3 Series on the pedestal.

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