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Bavarian Old School

Old School T-shirts

Old School T-shirts

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Introducing the "Old School" T-Shirts – A Tribute to BMW's Legendary Legacy! Celebrate the timeless elegance and iconic heritage of BMW classic cars with our exclusive "Old School" T-shirts. Designed for true automotive enthusiasts, these shirts perfectly capture the spirit of BMW's most cherished models, blending style and passion into a wearable piece of art.

Key Features:

1. Iconic Old School Designs: Each T-shirt features beautifully detailed illustrations of classic BMW cars, showcasing the elegance and engineering excellence that define the brand. From the timeless lines of the BMW 2002 to the legendary BMW E30, these shirts are a homage to the vehicles that have shaped automotive history.

2. Premium Quality Fabric: Crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton, our T-shirts ensure ultimate comfort and durability. Whether you're at a car show, out for a drive, or just relaxing, these shirts offer the perfect blend of softness and resilience.

3. Unique Logo Design: Proudly displayed on each T-shirt is our custom "Old School" logo, a mark of distinction for those who appreciate the finer details of automotive artistry. This logo symbolizes not just a love for classic cars, but a lifestyle dedicated to driving and preserving automotive excellence.

4. Perfect Fit: Available in a range of sizes, our T-shirts are designed to fit perfectly, providing a flattering silhouette for both men and women. Enjoy the perfect mix of style and comfort, tailored to make you look and feel great.

5. Versatile Style: These T-shirts are perfect for any occasion. Pair them with jeans for a casual look, or wear them under a blazer for a touch of sophistication. Show off your passion for classic BMWs wherever you go.

6. Great Gift Idea: Looking for the perfect gift for a BMW enthusiast? Look no further! Our "Old School" T-shirts make for an ideal present for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, celebrating the love for timeless automotive beauty.

Elevate your wardrobe with the "Old School" T-shirts and proudly display your admiration for BMW's iconic classic cars. Wear your passion, drive the legend.

Get yours today and become a part of the classic car legacy!

Size Chart in CM/INCH

Size Chest Width Length Shoulder
XS 88 / 34.65 64 / 25.20 38 / 14.96
S 94 / 37.01 67 / 26.38 41 / 16.14
M 100 / 39.37 70 / 27.56 45 / 17.72
L 106 / 41.73 73 / 28.74 48 / 18.90
XL 112 / 44.09 75 / 29.53 51 / 20.08
XXL 116 / 45.67 76 / 29.92 53 / 20.87
XXXL 124 / 48.82 79 / 31.10 56 / 22.05



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Thurman Little

European size rather large

Solon Renner

Très bien

Willa Herman

Très bien

Retha Ernser

Très bien

Minnie Daugherty

Très bien

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