james bond and bmw 750il - bavarian old school

James Bond and BMW

BMW vehicles are probably one of the favorites in the movies about agent 007 James Bond . We'll try to list all the BMW vehicles that have appeared in movies throughout the 007 era. 

You probably remember the Z3 or 750iL, but there are some other vehicles out there. We will try to list all the models:

OKTOPUSSY (1983) - BMW E28 518i West German police: Two of these cars are seen in a short chase scene when Bond commandeers an Alfa Romeo GTV6 and makes haste towards Octopussy's circus. These two cars are in pursuit.

GOLDEN EYE (1995) - Supposedly equipped with 'Stinger' missiles and other armaments, which are never seen or used except for a deployable parachute and auto-HUD. Car is left-hand drive. Total screen time less than two minutes.

James Bond drive bmw z3 - bavarian old school

TOMORROW NEVER DIES (1997) - BMW 750IL - Loaned to Bond by Q at an Avis rental station in Germany, this car is equipped with missile launchers, caltrops, self-inflating tires, and a near-impenetrable body. The BMW can be remotely controlled via a special Ericsson cell phone. During a chase inside a carpark, Bond exits the car and remotely drives it to the rooftop, sending it flying off the carpark before crash-landing into an Avis station across the street.

tomorrow never die james bond - bavarian old school


BMW Z8 - Cut in half by chopper after firing one shot from a surface to air missile. Other gadgets involve a key that can summon the vehicle and a hidden remote control within the steering wheel. 

Z8 James Bond - bavarian old school

BMW vehicles didn't really appear in the 007 movies, but they left a very significant mark and we're very proud of that.


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